Sanna Annukka

In the small rural Wisconsin town I grew up in the majority of the residents were of Scandinavian descent, specifically Norwegian, so when I saw Finnish Illustrator Sanna Annukka's work for the first time it brought me right back to my childhood. Inspired by the traditional Scandinavian folk style, Sanna's illustrations have such a timelessness to them but with a modern twist. Her prints are wonderful but I'm especially partial to the house ware line she did with Marimekko, I can just picture the dining room table decked in her designs, laden with a christmas feast of lefse, lutefisk and krumkake (you know your norwegian if you recognize these foods).


  1. God, I love that studio shot of the bolts of fabric! You know that for several years now Crate & BArrel has used these gorgeous Marrimeko fabric panels in the stores as decoration, but they DON'T sell the same prints in table linens or anything? Go figure. I told them they were crazy and that I wanted to buy the hangings, but they didn't listen to me.

  2. I did find some Marimekko items online at Crate & Barrel, maybe they just don't sell them in the store. They even have the above Table cloth but in a different color combination check it out here:

    I'm also loving these bed linens:

  3. Sanna Annukka is a favorite of mine, too.


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