Holiday Gift Guide - Week 3

Time for a new installment in my holiday gift guide. Every Wednesday morning leading up to Christmas I will be doing a round-up of things I've found that I think would make wonderful presents. My goal is to include everyone you might have to buy for, from your niece to mother-in-law and at different price points. hopefully it will give you a little inspiration for those hard to buy for individuals. (Links below image) Also I want to mention a couple of my favorite gift guides from fellow bloggers that went up this week, the first is the annual gift guides over at the incomparable DesignSponge, another one of my favorites is over at Oh Joy blog, and last but certainly not least are the wonderful gift guides at I Art U, so go check them out.

4. Meg Doll - $42
7. Loomed Bowl - $14


  1. I love your gift ideas! The problem is, I find too many things I'd want for myself... Do you have any suggestions more oriented towards men? Particularly tech-y, deliciously "nerdy" boyfriends?

  2. Hehe, I'll probably have to mine the contents of my deliciously nerdy boyfriends brain for this one but I'll dedicate the next wednesday gift guide to the boys! I struggle with it as well so I totally understand Hannah.


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