Pintastic People: Megan Gilger

Michigan based designer and blogger, Megan Gilger has the type of pinterest boards you can get lost in for hours. With categories ranging from stationary to adventure she's got something for everyone to get inspired by. Which is why I was so psyched to get a chance to ask her a few questions about Pinterest, blogging and what's currently inspiring her.

How did you get started on pinterest?
Some friend told me they thought I would like it as a blogger so I signed up for an invite and within 24 hours I was on it and obsessed. I was no good at it at first, but boy did I love it!!!

What are 3 of your favorite pins from this week? cozy dinner party  //  Bridgitte and Jane  //  vintage beauty

What are a few of your favorite sites to find source materiel for your blog and pinterest?
I source much of my images from my friends photography blogs or personal blogs. Also for design I look at Design Work Life or Graphic Exchange. When I have the time I will pull from blogs on my reader. 

You also have your successful blog The Fresh Exchange, design studio Hitch design, and you're the co-founder of blog brunch how does pinterest effect all of these other projects?
Pinterest acts as the backbone of inspiration and idea gathering for all of my projects. When I started using Pinterest it first was just a place I placed inspiring things that brought on ideas for a design project or a blog post, but now it helps me to identify my style and what I like. It helped me build my curation skills and have confidence in what I love. This is super important for designers and creatives. You have to have confidence in your eye, if you don't then how can you convince others to have confidence in it?

Honestly where do you find the time?
I work a lot and I would love to say it is exhausting, but it isn't. I some how ended up doing what I would be doing even if I wasn't being paid. So whether I am working on Art directing a video in paris or designing a new brand story for a small business I feel so excited and lucky. Honestly though I have to purposely make time for friends and family, but I don't watch much TV and I work at least 12-14 hours everyday. But like I said this is what I want to be doing. If I am not doing it, I feel unhappy and truthfully unsuccessful. I have to create everyday and if I don't I get really anxious and feeling very depressed. It sounds silly, but what I do is what I am supposed to be doing 100% if I wasn't doing this I would be working another job trying to get to where to where I am. So I think work a lot because I love it and because I feel very lucky and grateful.

Tell me more about Blog Brunch and how you came up with this idea?
I cannot claim I came up with the idea because it was Katie who approached me to help her make it all happen. But upon us meeting and deciding to start it we have jointly collaborated to further develop Blog Brunch in to what it is today. Our goal from the beginning has been to place the blogger first. We want to help build educated, more connected, and more confident bloggers through learning from one another and bridging a gap between all the various types and levels of bloggers that exist. We are focused on making this community connected in ways it is not currently. We have big things planned and cannot wait to make it all come together!

You are also a successful graphic designer and owner of Hitch Design Studio, who are some your biggest design influencers?
To be honest I use to look at a lot of design when I began my business and I jumped in to the design world. I love Jessica Hische and Allan Peters, but lately I stopped looking at other's work to be honest. I try to find inspiration through critique of good friends and my husband (who is also a designer). I found by looking at too much of other people's work mine took on a look that was similar and this did not feel good to me. So I really try to follow my instincts as a designer. 

If you could design for your dream client, who would it be?
I feel like I recently landed my dream clients. I want to be working with brands that are doing good on some level whether it be a brand that is working to build a stronger community atmosphere or upcycling to create new products. Currently I have these brands and working with them day in and day out. I love them and I get to work alongside my husband to make these brands come to life. It couldn't be anymore ideal, honestly. 

Do you have any hidden talents? If so what?I have a random knack for remembering numbers in sequences and I am crazy good at directions especially in cities. I also am a cook...but I don't know how hidden that is, but I really love it and I think I might be pretty good at it. 

What do you do when not pinning or blogging?Well typically I am designing, but completely outside of work I really enjoy cooking, spending time with friends and family, and being outdoors. I try to be outside as much as possible because so much of our work is at a desk. I love hiking and we live in the perfect place for it and it makes our dogs very happy every day that we go for an hour to clear our minds in the woods.

Why you love blogging and pinning?I love it because I have always loved curation. It didn't occur to me that that was what I loved till I began blogging and then pinning really helped me define myself as a creative. It helped me see things about myself I did not know, which eventually helped me become a better blogger. All of which has really brought to light my strengths and weaknesses as a creative and that ultimately leads to a clearer direction and more joy in what I do. 

Who are a few of your favorite pinners?Oh man I have a few! So I hope it is okay I give you 6 of them :)
Michael Newsted --- Amazing eye for color and images. He is one of my favorite curators around
Amy Moore ---- She has a great eye for design
Pennyweight --- Elise has been a favorite since the day I got on Pinterest. She has an amazing eye.
Amanda Jane Jones --- Amanda's pins are clean, raw, well designed, and simple. I dig that.
Jonathan Grant--- Imagine humor, nostalgia, and high-fashion all together. Yup it's awesome.
Kate @Wit+Delight --- Kate is a super talented designer so naturally her eye for fashion and interiors is just as great

Note: Photos are from Megan's recent trip to France and Italy, you can see more on her blog The Fresh Exchange.


  1. Sarah Scussel, Design Me DailyDecember 13, 2012 at 5:55 PM

    i love these features! amazing :) a girl could only hope to be included along with these fab ladies!

  2. Love that you did a Q&A with her. I love reading her blog so much.

  3. Me too, I've especially loved Megan's posts from her recent trip to France and Italy, so inspiring!!

  4. Thanks Sarah! :)


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