My Nuptials: Concepting

So now that the ring is on my finger and the engagement has been announced, what do I do next? Honestly the reality of planning a wedding is kind've like a black hole of inspiration and spending way too much and sparkle overload. So as a designer I have to break down the look of this wedding, what are the colors and the concept? Because honestly without that this could easily spiral into an explosion of tulle and pink (who knew right?) So this week I've put together the beginning of my concept/inspiration board. In words I would describe it as urban hipster meets casual outdoorsmen with a splash of quirky nerd, but I think I describe it better with the visual below.  See more of my inspirations here

Image source listed clockwise starting at top left: Bananas Foster Cake, Ivy & Aster DressDress with Floral Back Detail, Laser Cut Bunting, Coconut CakeCinder Block Planter, Kids jumping on bed, Restaurant Interior, Sugar Flower Bouquet 


  1. It's all so classic and clean looking! Lovely!

  2. Oh, I love this! And I love Pinterest! It's just what I've been looking for: a space to collect my ideas to keep them from blowing up all over the board. You have such wonderful taste - I just had to steal some of your sources. (Although, I must say, I'm THIS CLOSE to getting on my knees and just begging you to design the whole thing...)...

  3. Seriously?! I totally want to help you design your wedding, it's pretty much what I live for, designing pretty things for lovely people :)

  4. So pretty and classic. Great inspiration board.. and I love that cake. The undone-ness of it is so cool, reminds me of Hilary Duff's wedding cake that didn't have frosting on the outside.

    Just found you on the pinterest blog (thru twitter).. excited because I love shopbop's graphic design and now I know who does it! xx

  5. Thank you so much Kara, I'm glad you found my blog and enjoy it! I'll have to check out Hilary Duff's cake now, sounds beautiful.

  6. I love the "un-put" togetherness of this board! love everything about it.

    Just wanted to say "hi" also!
    A friend recommended ur blog to me (Colleen of Inspired to Share, both of us also of Madison) and I have just spent an hour devouring your lovely posts. A BEAUTIFULLY curated blog. Can't wait to follow more :)
    Happy engagement and planning!


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