Creative Spaces: Sarah Swell Jewelry

One of my favorite aspects of having a blog is the opportunity to be introduced to some of the most creative and inspiring people. This was definitely the case when I recently got a sneak peek inside the Oakland studio of jewelry maker, Sarah Swell. I've been a fan of Sarah's work for quite a while now, so it was so much fun to meet her, see her inner workings first hand, and talk with her about where she finds her inspiration.

What made you want to be a jewelry designer?
I was in art school studying painting and something just didn't feel right. During Summer break I took a jewelry class and everything immediately fell into place. It allowed me to be creative, but to make something more tangible. From that point on I knew I had to make it happen.

Who are your biggest influences/inspirations for your work?
Definitely Mother Nature! I am always amazed by the textures and patterns that occur naturally. Nothing could be more perfect if we tried. I also love looking at ancient jewelry. Everything has been done before, but looking back helps me to move forward in my own work.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?
My husband and I are about to embark on a trip to Hong Kong and Sri Lanka which is pretty much my dream vacation. We will be backpacking and traveling Sri Lanka by train. I've been craving a great adventure and couldn't be more ready to go! Next up on my travel wish list: Morocco, Croatia, Bolivia, and the American Southwest.

What are a few of your favorite Oakland haunts?
Joaquin Miller Park for escaping, Chop Bar for a comforting dinner, Chai Thai Noodle for pumpkin curry, Arizmendi for pizza, Tamarindo for Mezcal drinks, Tara's for ice cream...I could go on forever!


  1. great space... love the vintage world map.

  2. I loved the map as well, I couldn't stop taking pictures of it :)

  3. Love that gal! So nice to see her here

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