Pintastic People: Amanda Rodriguez

I love the Pinterest boards of Amanda Rodriguez because she has such a clear vision and aesthetic. Each board and pin is curated perfectly. And coming from the design centric city of Stockholm it's no surprise she has such an impeccably eye for that Scandinavian minimalism style I can't get enough of. Below she answers a few of my questions about Pinterest, style and living in Sweden.

How did you get started on pinterest? 
I heard about it from a friend and got hooked immediately!

Your pinterest has such a clean and minimalist style, when you started was that a conscious choice or was it just what you ended up pinning based on taste?
I have always loved the clean and harmonic feeling in a picture, but I think it grew more with my time on Pinterest, which made my style more clear.

Photo by Elin Stromberg Styling by: Amanda Rodriguez

You are also an interior stylist, do you use pinterest for inspiration for your job? 

Who are some of your biggest style and design influences?
I specific interior designer is really hard to choose, but my favorite painter is Hilma AF Klint and photographer is definitely Francesca Woodman.

You are from Stockholm, a city known for great design, how does your city inspire you?
Tons, the city has a lot of hidden places and details that people often just pass by but if you look harder there is so much inspiration.

And what are a couple local spots you'd recommend to visitors to Stockholm? 
Definitely the area Södermalm, you have all the beautiful parks, cafes, restaurants, bars and people. Can you ask for more?

Photo by: Line Klein via Amanda's Pinterest

What are your favorite things to do when not pinning or blogging? 
Dance, ride around on my bicycle, listen to magic music, hang out with my loved ones and just try to be as creative as possible every single day.

Last but not least, who are a few of your favorite pinners?


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