Guest Post: Canon's Wuthering Heights Inspired Playlist

'Is Wuthering Heights as pleasant a place as Thrushcross Grange?' he inquired, turning to take a last glance into the valley, whence a light mist mounted and formed a fleecy cloud on the skirts of the blue.

'It is not so buried in trees,' I replied, 'and it is not quite so large, but you can see the country beautifully all round; and the air is healthier for you—fresher and drier. You will, perhaps, think the building old and dark at first; though it is a respectable house: the next best in the neighbourhood.'

-Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

While there might be an unfortunate lack of moorland in Northern California, it is still approaching the perfect weather for strolling through the hills. Whether the reason is a broken heart, self-reflection, or a Mother's Day Picnic, I hope you all can take a much-needed break from the busy working world and head out into nature, where the air is indeed healthier for you. Here's a little playlist to keep you energized on your hike, though I do suggest listening to what Mother Nature has to say first.


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