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It's been so long since I last posted that I haven't even shared yet that we bought a home late last Fall. We closed in November and moved in January and February and have now been settling in and enjoying our new home for a few months. I really love having a place we can really make our own, and I can see us being in this house for a long time. Which is awesome because I'm so sick of moving. Since leaving home for college I've moved nine times!! Three times all the way across the country and twice with a baby/toddler! Anyway, I'm super excited because after all that hard work our beautiful new home was just featured on Design Mom this week! Since a few people have asked I thought I would share some of the product resources here with a few images. But if you want to see the whole tour and read more about Bitte, motherhood and what I love about our new house head over to Design Mom.

Living Room: Artwork - 1. Meg Fransee 2. Abstract mountain 3. Chambers Austelle 4. Sofie Arnold 

Dining Room:
Woven wall hanging, candle holders, fruit basket, pendant, table

Master Bedroom: Light, woven wall hanging, bed

Guest Bedroom:  Poster, basket, throw, stool, rug, bed, light

Artwork - (clockwise, left to right) 1. Satsuki Shibuya 2. Picture of Ingrid 3. Family photo 4. Jess Levitz 5. Sofie Arnold


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