My Nuptials: Flowers

The problem I'm having with the flowers is every time I think I've found exactly what I want, I couldn't possible imagine anything better, I come across a new image or inspiration that blows that whole theory out of the water. Not to mention trying to source my flowers locally and sustainably, it's kind've turning into one of the most difficult tasks. Below are some of my current favorite looks, as you can probably tell they are kind've all over the place, color and theme wise, the only thing I know for sure is that I want them to have a very organic free form feel. But really who's knows because next week I'll probably want something completely different.


  1. i LOVE these flowers, does anyone know the name of the little yellow ball flowers with the long single green stem?

  2. I believe they are Craspedia, design sponge has a great felt DIY version as well


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