Escapes: Alameda Antiques Faire

I love going on local mini adventures, especially in the Bay Area and northern California, because there is literally no end to the amazing escapes and day trips nearby. This past weekend I finally made it to the Alameda Antiques Faire, an extensive antiques and flea market with the view of San Francisco in the background and food trucks parked on the outskirts. I had actually heard about the market before even moving out here and believe me, it did not disappoint. Below is a little visual round-up of some of my discoveries, but I think I would have to go back several more times before seeing close to everything.

1. Vintage bags from Fendi and Dooney & Bourke are abundant, I could have easily overspent.
2. The view of the market with the San Francisco skyline in the background.
3. Get yourself some rum while browsing.
4. I met the most adorable couple while waiting in the food truck line. April is a local designer of handmade accessories for women, from fascinators to sashes and more, I definitely recommend checking out her site Amour Ame.
5. This girl was so stylish with her bright yellow sweater and shoulder bag as backpack.
6. The Chairman never disappoints.
7. Art for sale.
8. A gorgeous pale pink silk chiffon dress with gold bead detailing.


  1. I've been meaning to check this out! Maybe next month. I plan to do Alameda's "west end" flea market this weekend, have you been? I'm wondering if it's any good...

  2. I'm a little bit upset about not owning that piece in box 8. That sequined piece. I'll get over it in time, but gosh.

  3. Serenity, I have not been to the west end market, I'll definitely have to check it out.

    Rebecca, I was thinking about you the entire time I was at the Market, you need to come visit me and we can go together :)

  4. Yes! I'm thinking of a California trip sometime this summer. We can buy shiny things and eat cool food.

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