Vacation Lusting: Dedon Island, Philippines

Recently, my Husband and I have been trying to plan our belated honeymoon. We've decided to go to the Philippines but now we just have to decide which of the over 7,000 islands we'll visit! It's so hard to pick because every place I find looks more beautiful then the last. But this resort, Dedon Island, is really calling my name. Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and his architectural partner Daniel Pouzet with the vision of a sustainable lifestyle and love of the outdoors, It just looks like paradise doesn't it? I'd also love to hear any recommendations from readers if you've been to the Philippines.


  1. I need to go somewhere !

  2. This place looks out of this world. Just incredible.

  3. Such a good place for vacation and I'm planning to visit this place soon with my friend. We know that the philippines web design is one one of the best in terms of designing.

  4. Dedon Island is best enjoyed during the dry is the best hideaway for the holidays.Thanks for posting.

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  5. I'm from the Philippines but have never been to Dedon or Siargao, but it looks FANTASTIC. :)

    You should also check out Flower Island in Palawan, I went there last year and it's the center of biodiversity in the world - so everything there is pristine. There's a nearby Jewelmer pearl farm which you can get a tour of, and this company produces the only GOLDEN south sea pearls in the world. :)

  6. Thanks for the tips Arriane! My Husband and I are actually going to Palawan, we can't wait, we've heard only amazing things!

  7. I've been there for my wedding and this is just the most amazing place i've ever been!!! i can give you further recommandations by private message

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  9. Hi

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  10. I agree with you Rich Manalad.


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