Pintastic People: Justina Blakeney

A new series highlighting some of my favorite pinners. I've had the opportunity to meet a few of these amazing people in person and others I've simply admired from afar. But, they all have one thing in common, they have an amazing ability for curating beautiful boards on Pinterest.

Today's pinner is the lovely mom-to-be, Justina Blakeney. I have not had the pleasure of meetingt L.A. based Justina in person yet, but, from our online and phone conversations I feel a kindred connection to her. She has a fresh, bright and tropical style that I greatly admire and her pins represent that same aesthetic and panache. Below she answers a few of my questions about her style, preparing for her little boomba and what she loves most about Pinterest

Image of Justina by Jennifer Young of I Art U

How did you get started on Pinterest?
I started on Pinterest soon after it launched. As a blogger, I started using it to track sources of items that inspired me.

What are 3 of your favorite pins of all time?
Chill Hangin'  //  All kinds of curves  // Dream Everything

What are some of your favorite things to pin?
I love to pin images with striking color combos to my "Color Collections" board. I often use the color combos in my design work. I also love to pin bohemian-inspired interiors, bold patterns, afros, creative reuse, whimsical fashions, styling ideas and quirky handmade items. 

Image: Justina's Jungalow via Anthology Magazine.

What are a few of your favorite sites to find source materiel?
Old Brand New  //  Etsy  //  Moon to Moon

What do you do when not pinning?
I am preparing for my daughter to come into the world (in late July!) and I also blog, do design, styling and consulting and I travel whenever I get a chance.

With your wee one on the way have you used pinterest or your blog to prepare? if so how? 
I have used my blog and Pinterest in many ways to prepare for the arrival of my little Boomba--On my blog, being able to share about my pregnancy and hear stories from many readers about their pregnancies and birth experiences was very helpful and encouraging. There are so many smart, caring people out there with lots of wise words. I have also used Pinterest to collect inspiration for the design of our nursery and find items for the gift registry for the baby shower. From Pinterest, thanks to a few of my more controversial pins, I sure learned what 'not' to do too!
What was the last book your read, was it any good?
In all honesty, it was "What to Expect when You're Expecting"-- and yes it's good--if you're into that kinda thing. :P

If you could eat any dish in the world what would it be?
Totally an unfair question to ask a pregnant lady!! Ha! no, but seriously, I lived in Italy for seven years and little tastes as satisfying to me as a really good and simple bowl of Spaghetti Pomodoro.

What is your dream vacation or destination?
I have yet to visit Brazil. I kinda wanna go and be tall and tan and young and lovely. 

If you could purchase any 3 dream items right now what would you pick?
Dream Dress  //  Outdoor tub  //  The Cube Office

Who are a few of your favorite pinners?
La Bestia  //  Malu  //  Asami Kato


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