Pintastic People: Kate Arends

Minneapolis based designer, blogger and pinner extraordinaire, Kate Arends, has an amazing eye for all things beautiful. Nowhere is this more apparent than her multitude of inspiring finds on Pinterest. Which, is why I knew I had to include her as one of my Pintastic People! I met Kate earlier this year and loved getting to know her. It was great to get a another chance to catch up with her to chat about pinterest, blogging and why she loves the Midwest.

How did you get started on pinterest?
I started using Pinterest shortly after Victoria had raved about it. I loved being able to share my internet discoveries and quickly connected with other pinners who's taste I admired.

You also have your successful blog "wit & delight". How does pinterest affect your blogging?
I've found myself blogging less since I've become active on Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr. I'm still working on ways to balance content across all platforms. I'm launching a shiny new blog and portfolio site right after the new year and I'm really excited to share those changes with my readers.

What are three of your favorite pins from this week?
Oh this is tough! I'd say this photo of my favorite internet dog, Maddie. This incredible credenza. And this watch. I ordered one immediately after I pinned it. 

What are a few of your favorite sites to find source materiel for your blog and pinterest?
I'm really enjoying Nuji. They're partnered with some of the most unique online shops around and the taste level of Nuji users is unparalleled to any site like it, Svpply aside. 

What do you do when not pinning or blogging?
I love to cook. I try to challenge myself with a few new recipes each month. I'm also into running and spending time with friends. 

You live in Minneapolis, one of my favorite midwestern cities, what do you love most about living in the Midwest?
Having all four seasons! I actually enjoy the winters here. Cozy sweaters, fires, big pots of homemade soup, what's not to love?!

What are a few of your favorite, local haunts?
There's a lot to love about the Twin Cities, but the two areas I love are Selby Street in St. Paul (Black Blue, Happy Gnome, Blue Door Pub, Up Six) and The North Loop (Bachelor Farmer, Askov Finlayson, The Foundary Home Goods, Bar La Grassa). My favorite restaurant is Travail.

Image via Black Blue

When you get the urge to escape, what are some of your dream vacation spots?
I'm usually more inclined to city vacations, but this year has been so hectic, I'm craving something low key. I'd love to tuck away in a cabin up in the mountains somewhere. Or be laying on a very quiet beach in the Caribbean. 

Do you have any hidden talents? If so, what?
I can drink a beer with my elbows. Seriously.

Why do you love blogging and pinning?
The inspiration! I've found that curating content has made me a better observer, thinker and designer.

And last but certainly not least who are a few of your favorite pinners?


  1. Heehee I love Maddie On Things' Maddie too! There are so many great people to follow on Pinterest, I'm already finding it difficult to keep up!

  2. I know I find new people to follow every week, it's inspiration overload :) But I love it.


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